Case Study What Good Looks Like for Sales Enablement

Goal of the project: This video would be part of Highspot’s Spring Launch “What Good Looks Like” campaign. I received some existing footage that needed major edits, and put it into a storyboard so that the team could come to consensus on how the story should flow.
Created while working at: Highspot
Role: Graphic Designer

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Project Details Reimagining a Struggling Video


Highspot was creating a new video for their big product release. But, the different people involved in the product all wanted different things, and were having trouble picturing how the video should come together. This is where a storyboard can be really helpful. I took screenshots of some of the existing footage, and helped them organize them with the text overlays, so everyone involved could picture the sequence of events, as well as the screenshot product slides that would appear at the end of the video.

Since there’s a sequence at the beginning that shows “the problem before you have Highspot,” followed by “the good life after you have Highspot,” I made the recommendation to reduce the saturation of the video at the beginning, then full saturation and brightness in the successful conclusion.

HS_Storyboard- What Good Enablement Really Looks Like_20230512_v4_DV_Page_1
HS_Storyboard- What Good Enablement Really Looks Like_20230512_v4_DV_Page_2
HS_Storyboard- What Good Enablement Really Looks Like_20230512_v4_DV_Page_3


After much back-and-forth with the stakeholders, I finalized the storyboard. Then, I passed it to the digital media team to animate. The new cut of the video was a huge success. View the final result at the top of this page.