Case Study Storyboard: Welcome to Highspot

Goal of the project: Our customers knew that adopting a new tool is always a pain, so we wanted to create a video that they could share with their teams to get them excited about Highspot's capabilities. We received feedback that it helped increase adoption in several companies!
Created while working at: Highspot
Role: Graphic Designer

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Project Details Getting Reps Excited for Highspot


This video was ground-breaking compared to ones Highspot had released in the past. It put a much greater emphasis on bringing redacted screenshots to life, in addition to showing some fun stats and even social posts. So, it made sense to start with a storyboard, to put everything on paper that the media team would later use to animate. For the intro, I discussed some ideas with the animator, and provided him with a sketch that he would later bring to life.

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My partner on the digital media team did an awesome job putting the video together, and was effusive in his praise about how much easier I made his job by compiling everything he needed into a comprehensive storyboard. After this video was created, I was hired to work on several more in the same style, because the marketing team loved the final product so much. The final video can be viewed at the top of this page.