More Examples of my Work Videos that I've Animated

Goal of the projects: Bring concepts to life in video form. Although most of my video experience has been in the creation of storyboards, I have handled the animation portion of video creation a couple of times as well. Here are examples of that.
Role: Graphic Designer & Animator

Hero for top of various videos page

Animated Demonstrations for Highspot Event Page

I created these two animated gifs to show people how easy it is to complete certain tasks through the website, for the next Highspot Conference. I built the animations in After Effects.

Created while freelancing at: Incite Media

How to Book a Meeting:


How to Add Sessions to My Agenda:


Video Ad for Meeker’s Restaurant

This video would play at the local independent cinema before movies began. It tells people about the deals offered at Meeker’s restaurant, which is a restaurant attached to the DoubleTree in Greeley, Colorado. I built the animation in After Effects, and it is built to transition to the beat of the background music.

Created while freelancing at: Incite Media

Animated Screens for Highspot Homepage

This was a proof of concept for an animation we could use on Highspot's homepage. My idea was that the different words would animate on as people scrolled downward. I created this MP4 in Adobe After Effects to show what the experience could be like.

Created while working at: Highspot