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Case Study TechValidate Infographic

Goal of the project: I put together this infographic of data from an in-depth survey of Highspot customers. The story began with Highspot customer’s feelings before they became customers, and then their experiences after they purchased Highspot.
Created while working at: Highspot
Role: Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Looking over a shoulder at infographic

Project Details Telling the Story of Highspot Customers


This survey was unique in that it collected data on various stats in the customers’ business, but also customer quotes on their experience before and after Highspot. A lot of text also needed to be included in order to tell the story. And, of course, the infographic needed to be visually interesting, and illustrate the data. The resulting infographic has a combination of data, quotes, illustration, and a small amount of cutout-person photography in an attractive format to keep people engaged.

Artboard 1
Artboard 1 copy
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