Icons + Illustration

Examples of my Work Illustrations for Hewlett Packard & Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Goal of the projects: Use illustration to convey complicated concepts for HP.
Role: Graphic Designer & Illustrator

HP infographic on screen copy

Hewlette Packard “FlexStation Monitor” Illustration

This illustration showed off the FlexStation Monitor, which is designed to easily plug into your device with one cord, so it can be used in a variety of locations.

Created while freelancing at: Incite Media

Flexstation monitor illustration

Detailed Icons for HP Video

These icons would eventually be animated to show different concepts about HP being woven into your lifestyle. I created the icons while freelancing for a company called Somnio.

Created while freelancing at: Incite Media

Somnio icons

Illustrations for HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 AiO

These illustrations showed how the HP TouchSmart could be used in Retail, Hospitality, and Education. These were also created while contracting with Somnio.

Created while freelancing at: Incite Media

Touchsmart in Retail
Touchsmart in Hospitality
Touchsmart in Education

Infographic for HP Security

This infographic discusses how DevOps can have security gaps.

Created while freelancing at: Incite Media

HPE research shows DevOps reality:  Organizations are moving rapidly to embrace DevOps, but Application Security is often left behind.