Icons + Illustration

More Examples of my Work Highspot Icons and Illustrations

Goal of the projects: Represent various concepts that Highspot needed to convey in a metaphorical manner using vector art.
Role: Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hand holding a phone with Highspot illustration copy

Highspot Icons

These are a few icons that I made and added to our library at Highspot:

1 Highspot icons

Highspot Illustrations

Here are a few illustrations that I created and added to our illustration library:

3 Highspot Illustration

Illustrating Concepts for Highspot

Icons and illustrations come in handy when you want to:

  1. Convey an idea that photography can’t quite cover
  2. Visually provide something new and interesting
  3. Break up the page
  4. Add flair

So, icons and illustrations ended up appearing in several of our pieces. Here are just a few examples of social graphics or layouts of data sheets that I created that utilized illustrations or icons:

Coaching page from an ebook
4 icons in a datasheet