More Examples of my Work eBooks for Various Companies

Goal of the projects: Present information such as text and data in an attractive, visual way.
Role: Graphic Designer

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Sales Enablement Pro: The State of Sales Enablement in Financial Services Report

This report revealed details via charts and graphs about how sales enablement practitioners in Financial Services are feeling about the state of their industry.

Created while working at: Highspot

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Highspot: How can you Ensure Success if You Can’t See how Enablement Impacts Business Outcomes?

This eBook detailed the ways that fragmented data makes it hard for reps to succeed, which I illustrated with a 'fragmented data' illustration. Then it showed how Highspot overcomes this by proving details on how strategic initiatives are performing, illustrated with redacted screens, icons, and photography.

Created while working at: Highspot

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American Shipper: Analyze This—Supply Chain Analytics Benchmark Study

This report communicated the results of a survey. It explained where shippers and LSPs were with regard to analytics technology adoption and usage, and also what they believed the future of analytics would look like. Each section was illustrated with charts, graphs, and callouts to call attention to important points.

Created while freelancing at: Incite Media

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