Case Study Storyboard: Evolution of Aviation Week

Goal of the project: I created this storyboard for a marketing agency called Advanced Media. The illustrations that were needed to tell the story was outside the capabilities of their animator, so they needed someone to create a storyboard that they could then animate for their client, Aviation Week magazine.
Created while freelancing at: Incite Media
Role: Graphic Designer

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Project Details A Video Made up of Line Drawings


Aviation Week and Space Technology was creating a members-only experience where subscribers could download an app, and access various perks around news in the aviation industry. I got to illustrate airplanes, people, and even a simple mockup of their app, before turning the storyboard over to the animators at Advanced Media.

730 Evolution AWST Video reframed
730 Evolution AWST Video reframed2
730 Evolution AWST Video reframed3
730 Evolution AWST Video reframed4
730 Evolution AWST Video reframed5b


After finalizing the storyboard, I passed it back to Advanced Media, and their animator put it all in motion. The clients were extremely pleased by the final result, and after it was released, they experienced a big spike in users downloading the app. The final result is the video that you can view at the top of this page.