My Capabilities

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I Learn Brands Fast

I've often given the role of 'Brand Gatekeeper' (reviewing other designers' artwork to make sure it adheres to the brand) in my workplaces. The reason I've been selected for this job so often is that I absorb brand guidelines quickly, and follow templates closely. Only when I’ve mastered your current look and feel do I offer my suggestions for how to elevate and improve your brand. 

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I’m Efficient, With a High Attention to Detail

I’m known for being fast and accurate with my projects—just check out my recommendations. I always meet my deadlines, and I’m used to juggling multiple projects at once. But, while I work hard to be efficient, I am also careful to always uphold a high standard of quality, with exceptional attention to detail.

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I’m Multi-Disciplinary

The term Visual Designer means that I do both traditional brand design for your marketing team—such as ebooks, social graphics, events, presentations, video storyboards, printed pieces and more—and I also specialize in user interface design. When it comes to UI/UX, I love to try new and attractive designs, while keeping an eye on usability and engagement.